Meter Readings

All meters are read monthly and an actual usage is used to bill customers except in the case that access to a meter may not be obtained. 

Meter Readers are rotated each month so that no meter is read by the same person two consecutive months.

If access to a meter cannot be obtained, that meter will be estimated based upon past usage.

If a meter fails to register, or if for any other reason consumption cannot be determined, the City will render a bill to the customer based on the best information available.

Meter Access

City of Sparta service employees and meter readers shall have free access to the customer's premises at all times for the purpose of reading meters and testing, repairing, removing or exchanging any or all equipment belonging to the City of Sparta. It is the responsibility of the Customer to insure free access. If, for any reason, the utility meter/meters become inaccessible the usage will be estimated. A $10.00 service charge will be added to the customer's bill if, due to inaccessibility, a second trip is required to read or test a meter. If accessibility problems persist, utility service may be interrupted until accessibility is granted. Any additional costs to restore service after interruption or to maintain proper access will be at the customer's expense.

Meter Testing

Residential:  Residential meters are tested when purchased from the factory and do not have a set test schedule.
If a customer does not believe their meter is accurate they may request to have that meter tested.
Central Meter Lab performs all meter tests.
To have a meter tested the customer must sign a Meter Testing Agreement.
Commercial: 150Kw and above every 1 year
50Kw - 149Kw every 2 years
49Kw and below every 4-6 years
Single Phase C.T. meters every 10 years
Single Phase and Commercial non C.T. meters every 15 years